Friday, 7 February 2014

Workday Edit

Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I'll enterain some shopping therapy.

Entertain is the key word in the above sentence. Without any money in the bank I can still manage to get my happy hit of retail. It's called wishlisting, or with my method, thoroughly analysing each category, choosing desired pieces and taking it all the way to the checkout. Except, I'm a marketers worst nightmare and abandoning my cart is all part of the game. So instead of all this hard work going to waste I thought I would start sharing it with you guys. If you can think of any other content you'd like to see on the blog stop hesitating and shoot me a comment or message! 

This is my edit for a polished workday, very much inspired by the monochromatic palette in the David Jones A/W'14 collection launch. If you can't get away with those tempting cut outs in the dress I would suggest adding a little slip underneath. Modesty saved! In reality I'm currently wearing these woollen slippers and pajamas- but that's okay because in my mind I'm in fashion wonderland. I would love to see your workday edit- link below and share! 

I'll leave you with a little inspirational quote to start the weekend. Have a wild one: 

@elm_evaclose on Instagram 

With love, Eva x 


  1. Did you buy that dress? It's so sexy... Love it!


    1. No, not enough money in the bank account! But if it's still there in a few weeks then it will snapped up for sure!

      x Eva


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